YourDir is used to print Windows directory/folders structure and optionally file listing. It can also create Jpeg file of a directory/folders structure.

Its a handy freeware utility

To install YourDir:
Click on Download and unzip the file in any folder
To run the software double click on YourDir.exe or create a shortcut

Versions Notes

2005/8/5 Version 1.6

Exporting folder structure to CSV file was introduced. This can be used to identify large folders and files. Please note that to calculate folder sizes please turn Files flag on.

2006/4/1 Version 1.7

Placing limit on the level of nesting of sub folders displayed was introduced. This can be used to limit your display to major folders.

2008/8/17 Version 2.0


  • Added Folder navigation combo box
  • Added Windows Explorer commands via context menu (right click on the main display)
  • Removed Time stamp command
  • Please note that the software needs Microsoft .Net Framework 2
  • YourDir is unsupported freeware take it as it is software